I lives in Texas. For most, that “nuff said”. For others, that means nothing. 🙂

I write, sew quilts and paint with acrylics. I’m not new to writing by any means, still learning the intricacies of quilting and a newbie at painting. One novel is published as are numerous short stories at both Melange-books.com and the Holy Trio of independent publishing, Amazon, Barnes & Nobles and Smashwords.

I’ve finished my Young Adult story, Toots Gentry. I think it will go to Melange-books.com and be published sometime next spring. I’ll get back to you on that one. The Imperial will be edited next. Then I have a set of ten short stories that will go into an anthology. I look forward to visiting those stories again.

I’ve taught, raised two great sons, share the house with an awesome husband, two inside dogs and one outside dog we just adopted (or did he adopt us?!) Besides all my creative endeavors, I also volunteer at our local hospital once a week. I meet the most interesting people in the small waiting room where I reside every Friday morning.

My bucket list stays a steady number for as I accomplish a goal I seem to add one. Perhaps this is a good thing. Who wants to run out of things that challenge us!


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