Photos of my office show the beauty that surrounds me every day. I intentionally created this spot in order to see those things that stir my soul. Two photos of my desk—the cream colored tea pot and flowers as well as the pelican statue. What you don’t see are piles of note papers, stacks of pens, a fan control in need of a battery and my income tax info stacked to one side. Then there’s my letter writing desk—what you see is the back of it. The wreath and boxes full of stationary, the desk topped by beach related photos and a darling beach scene in wood. My art table sits across from my writing desk (yes, there is a writing desk where the teapot is and a desk for writing letters—I love desks.) Several things in need of attention sit on that table—an art piece that needs the edges finished. A lovely scarf draped over a canvas. I’ll put batting underneath and use buttons to attach the scarf to canvas. Then there’s the shelves behind my writing desk, holding pitchers, flower and photos. Not everyone is as lucky as I am, to have a place where I can gather all those things that inspire me, stir my soul and just plain make me feel good.



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